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    They are our best friends, our sidekicks, our companions - our dogs. They are good natured and accepting partners who seldom complain, are overjoyed at seeing us, and always forgive our failings. They make us laugh and not take life so seriously and their constancy is ever comforting as we journey through life.

    Hello and thank you for visiting my site! My passion is creating a work of art through photography that captures the extraordinary spirit of the canine species and the fascinating relationship between dogs and people.

    The images you will see here are about celebrating dogs and the people who love them. So, grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile and I can promise you will leave with a smile on your face and a lightness in your heart!

    If you are interested in celebrating your own dog through a custom photo session, please contact me at 100% of your session fee will be donated to Smile for a Cure, a portrait charity, benefitting The National Canine Cancer Foundation!


Sienna is one of the latest Smile for a Cure dogs, and what a sweetheart!  She was a bit shy, but seemed to get the idea that the photoshoot was all about her after a little while!  This gal is no stranger to the Wake Forest campus where she goes to class with her mom who teaches there and even attends a few classes.


Zack Attack!

How beautiful is ZACK?  He’s the most recent Smile for a Cure dog who was also on TV on WXII helping me spread the word for Smile for a Cure! Here’s Zack looking so pretty in the sunshine!  Zack actually has canine cancer, lymphoma, but he is doing great with his treatments.  Here’s to a long healthy life for sweet Zack!  Make sure to check out Zack’s link on WXII too!


Here’s Zack and his dog Mom, Janet.  I love this photo as you can see just how much they both love each other! Zack has been with Janet since he was a tiny pup at 8 weeks old.  He’s now 13!  Love this!



This is also one of my favorites from the shoot…I love finding creative ways to use the sun.  In this photo, I was shooting directly into the sun which is typically a n0-no in traditional photography, but its always fun to mix it up a bit!




The Three Stooges

A recent visit from Scout and Benji’s adorable cousin Lucy (pictured on the right) made for some major doggie fun and of course lots of picture perfect moments!

“Sniffing” with the Enemy!

Ok, this is supposed to be a blog about DOGS right? So, you might ask, what the heck is a CAT doing here? Well, this is Rosie and yes, she is a cat, but she thinks she is a dog! She’s a bit confused, but who can blame her when she lives in a household with a big cuddly yellow lab & a teeny tiny chihuahua (stay tuned for their photos!)  Rosie is the absolute sweetest cat I have ever met.  I had the good fortune of photographing her on a recent trip to West Jefferson in the mountains of North Carolina.  Rosie greeted me like a dog would, licked my fingers like a dog would, and even chased the leaves…like a dog would!  Needless to say, we’ll forget her genus for the moment and consider her just another member of the pack!

All Twittered Out!

I couldn’t resist posting this adorable image of Scout, who is obviously tired out from all the facebook and twitter posts he has been making on the upcoming launch of Smile for a Cure!

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